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Bale Feeders

Gregorian Inc offer's a wide variety of bale feeders for you to choose from.  From our regular duty, straight, two piece bale feeder to our heavy duty, double bale feeders, we have a bale feeder to meet your needs.

*Medium 2 pc. Bale Feeders - they are made from 1" x 1" 14ga square tubing and has an optional 18ga sheet metal skirting around the bottom.

*Medium Bale Feeders - they are made from 2" x 2" 14ga. square round tubing for your base, middle base, and top base.   Feeder bars are 1" x 1" 14ga. square tube.  22 gauge primed super steel for the metal skirting.

*Heavy Bale Feeders - they are made from 2-7/8" pipe and has an optional 14ga sheet metal skirting around the bottom ring. 

*Straight Sided - they have over an 8 ft opening at the top and bottom.  The bars are spread 16" apart top and bottom.

*Hay Saver - These bale feeders have an 8-1/2 ft opening at the base and a 6-1/2 ft opening at the top.  The bars are spaced 18" apart at the bottom and 13" apart at the top.

*There is 28" from the ground to the opening

Medium Duty 2pc- Skirted - Straight

Heavy Duty - Skirted - Hay Saver

Medium Duty - Skirted - Straight


Heavy Duty - Straight - Skirted

Heavy Skirtless Double Bale Feeder

All bale feeders come with the option of being skirted or unskirted.

If you would like a quote on a custom bale feeder, please call for a free quote.


Item # Description Price
BF2PSL 8 ft - Two Piece - Straight - Regular Duty - Bale Feeder call
BF1PSM 8 ft - One Piece - Straight - Medium Duty - Bale Feeder call
BF1PSH 8 ft - One Piece - Straight - Heavy Duty - Bale Feeder call
BF1PHSH 8-1/2 ft - One Piece - Hay Saver - Heavy Duty - Bale Feeder call
BF1PDH 14 ft - One Piece - Double Bale - Bale Feeder call

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