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Calf Shelter and Wind Break Panel System


Calf Shelters

Gregorian's Calf Shelters will provide the protection your calves need.  Constructed from solid steel they are built to last.  The upper frame is made from 2" x 2" 11 gauge square tubing and is sheeted with heavy 22 gauge super steel.  The base frame uses 2-7/8" heavy pipe.  To move the shelter  you can simply run a chain through the loops on either end and drag it or you can lift it by running a chain through the loops on the top. 

Sky lighting is used on the peaks of each end to encourage the calves to move deeper into the shelter.  

The calf shelters come in 24' or 16 foot lengths.  They are all 8' wide and 5.5' tall. 


Front View of 24' x 8' Calf Shelter



Calf Shelter and Wind Break Panel can be hooked together

Extra Tall Calf Shelter - 24' long x 8' wide with 6' side walls - adjustable bars across the opening to let calves in and keep cows out.


Opening on one end instead of the normal front opening.



Calf shelter with windbreak surrounding the whole unit. Panels on the sides and one on the top.


12 X 24 Calf Shelter



                                                                        Standard Calf Shelter (8x24)                           Large Calf Shelter (12x24)



12 X 36 Calf Shelter With Maternity Pens inside





Custom Calf Shelters

Horsebarn made into a Calf Shelter by adding gates to the front of it.


Free Standing Wind Break Panels

Wind Break Panels can be hooked up to the Calf Shelter or to additional Panels

Each panel stands on two 10' legs that can be removed.


Gregorian's Heavy Duty Free Standing Windbreak Panels are built to last.  The framework and the legs are built from 2-7/8" pipe.  They are sheeted with 22 gauge super steel.  These Panels will withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it. 

Size - 24' long and roughly 7-1/2' high.  Free Standing Legs are 10' long. 

The Windbreak Panels can be hooked together or they can be hooked onto the Calf Shelter

These panels can be moved easily by simply running a chain through the loops and either dragging or lifting and carrying it to its new location. 

The panels can be built without the Free Standing Legs.  Simply chain them to posts that have been set in the ground.  If you need to move them simply unchain them from the post and lift them with a chain and carry them with a loader tractor to the new location. 


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